Staff & Board

Our core team is led by Co-Directors Kevin Barthel and Dr. Malcolm Childress. We have a track record of global impact through thought leadership and research, both in senior positions at the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank Group, the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Land Tenure Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Our aim is to scale up, speed up and improve quality of outcomes in land tenure and property rights systems.  We believe that we have a unique opportunity to realize these outcomes to achieve prosperity of people and places while the global recognition of land rights and land use is at a historic high.

Board of Directors

Jolyne Sanjak, President
Brad Johnson, Treasurer
Grenville Barnes
Kevin Barthel
Malcolm Childress

Leadership and Operations

Kevin Barthel
Co-Executive Director
Senior Practice Manager
Land Administration
Kevin Barthel, a Land Alliance founder, has 28 years of experience as a professional geographer focused on property rights and land policy to promote economic development and sound natural resource management, including a focus on emerging technology.
Malcolm Childress
Co-Executive Director
Senior Practice Manager
Urban and Environment
Malcolm Childress is a multi-disciplinary land resources specialist with 25 years of global experience, including urban and rural property rights, and strategy for managing critical global ecosystems. His focus areas include land policy and governance, land markets, land registration, property taxation, cadastral systems and spatial planning.
Maureen Madden
Operations Manager
Maureen has been with Land Alliance since October 2013. She now works as the Operations Manager, supporting the Land Alliance Executive Directors by ensuring effective operation of the organization. She assists with administrative needs along with researching technical issues.

Property Law and Land Adminstration

Laura Bermudez
Laura Bermudez is a cultural anthropologist with 8 years of experience in qualitative research, documenting social impact and an emerging interest in land tenure security and rural development.
Victor Endo
Víctor Endo is a land administration specialist with 25 years of experience in the legal and institutional components of land regularization, registration and land governance in general. He is the regional Coordinator of the World Bank’s Land Governance Assessment Framework for LAC region. He is the founder of Administracion del Territorio, a consultancy firm based in Lima.
Gabriela Vaz Rodriguez
Gabriela Vaz Rodrigues has 7 years of experience in the preparation and supervision of projects financed by multilateral development banks, including analysis of institutional, social and operational aspects of land administration systems.
Germán Zarama
Germán Zarama is an attorney and MA in international relations, with extensive experience in rural development, land governance in conflict scenarios and working with vulnerable populations. He has advised different projects in the public and private sectors in Colombia as well as international organizations such as the OAS.

Food Security and Rural Development

Cynthia Berning
Cynthia Berning is a project management professional with expertise in land tenure, agriculture, irrigation and rural finance projects. She has ten years of rural development experience in North and Sub-Saharan Africa, China, Latin America and Eastern Europe.
Martin Bailkey
Community Food Systems Lead
Martin Bailkey is an urban planner with 18 years experience in community-based food systems, including project planning, development and assessment, with a primary focus on urban agriculture and creating supportive environments for city and peri-urban farms.

Center for Community Land Trust Innovation

John Emmeus Davis
Co-Director for CLT History
John Emmeus Davisis a co-founder of Burlington Associates in Community Development, a national consulting cooperative. He was on the staff of the Institute for Community Economics from 1981 to 1985 and later served for ten years as the housing director for the City of Burlington, Vermont (under Mayor Bernie Sanders). He co-authored the federal definition of a CLT that was enacted into U.S. law in 1992.
Greg Rosenberg
Co-Director for CLT Innovation
Greg Rosenberg is a founder of both the National CLT Network and the CLT Academy, Greg served as the first Academy Director through 2011. Prior to coming to the CLT Network, he was the Executive Director of the Madison Area CLT, where he developed Troy Gardens, an urban ecovillage project featuring a working farm, community gardens, a restored prairie, and a mixed-income cohousing project.
Line Algoed
Research Director
Line Algoed is an urban anthropologist whose research explores processes of gentrification and displacements in informal settlements in Latin America. Her research focuses on collective forms of land ownership, and how these forms protect informal communities from gentrification while promoting participation in neighbourhood improvement and local economic development. She is presently a PhD researcher at the Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research (Belgium).

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