What We Offer

Our Advantage

► Agile. We are a flexible organization with a wide geographic scope and ability to engage from many locations-specific entry points with varying approaches.

► Independent. We are not part of any organization (firm, university, public structure, international agency) which might limit flexibility to strategic deployment of resources and to establish partnerships for effective innovation.

► Small core team. Our small core team works together with alliances to create a uniquely wide-ranging capacity while maintaining a hands-on engagement.

► Alliance-based. We work in flexible alliances with key partners who have established, long-term relationships with Land Alliance core team members.

Our Experience

► Field work in more than 40 countries

► Designed and accountable for more than $1 billion in global development projects

► Deep networks in global public, private, and civic organizations

► Ability to pinpoint critical path challenges and identify opportunities for pivotal action needed to take success to scale

► Alliances with major universities, private sector leaders and foundations

► Partnerships with senior experts around the world

► Team supported by rising next-generation land experts

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