Case studies

Curriculum development

Implementation of land administration reforms

Legal and policy analysis

National survey research

Teaching and presenting

Technical assistance

Technical reports


Assessments on land tenure, legal reforms and property rights

Community land trusts

Forest tenure guidelines

Measurement and Evaluation:  social and economic impact evaluation

Participatory and gender-focused approaches

PRIndex:  Global Property Rights Index

Technical and operational project design

Our Advantage

► Agile. We are a flexible organization with a wide geographic scope and ability to engage from many locations-specific entry points with varying approaches.

► Independent. We are not part of any organization (firm, university, public structure, international agency) which might limit flexibility to strategic deployment of resources and to establish partnerships for effective innovation.

► Small core team. Our small core team works together with alliances to create a uniquely wide-ranging capacity while maintaining a hands-on engagement.

► Alliance-based. We work in flexible alliances with key partners who have established, long-term relationships with Land Alliance core team members.

Our Experience

► Field work in more than 40 countries

► Designed and accountable for more than $1 billion in global development projects

► Deep networks in global public, private, and civic organizations

► Ability to pinpoint critical path challenges and identify opportunities for pivotal action needed to take success to scale

► Alliances with major universities, private sector leaders and foundations

► Partnerships with senior experts around the world

► Team supported by rising next-generation land experts

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