Forum in Honduras Shows Potential For Future Collaboration For Data Collection, Analysis and Engagement



Global Land Alliance participated in a forum at the Observatorio Universitario de Ordenamiento Territorial Faculty of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH) this past Tuesday. The purpose of the forum was to discuss perceptions of tenure security in Honduras. Dr. Malcolm Childress represented Global Land Alliance in presenting Prindex, its methodology, and the findings of how Hondurans feel about their property rights.

Prindex: índice de Percepción de la Tenencia de la Tierra en Honduras


Why do we feel insecure about our property? In Honduras, Prindex data shows 19% citizens believe they are at risk of losing their property, 43% say property rights are not well-protected & 32% are not confident that authorities would defend their rights. 37% say they have no documentation to prove their property rights.

Honduras-specific Prindex data found that being asked to leave, lack of money or resources, disagreement with family or relatives, and death of a household member to be some of the most common reasons. Honduras is a country where 80% of privately-held land is either untitled or improperly titled. Security of tenure is a vital component of development.

Learn more about Honduras Prindex data here


Thank you to UNAH and all who participated in this educational event. We look forward to collaborating with the university and local groups in Honduras on expanding future Prindex data collection and analysis

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