Community-Based Forest Tenure

Land Alliance is developing a program on community-based forest tenure to help address this gap. The program currently consists of the development of an analytical and assessment framework for forest tenure for the World Bank through its PROFOR program which will be delivered and piloted in 2018, and a new initiative to quantify the benefits of forest tenure reform -- the "tenure dividend".


PRIndex stands for the Global Property Rights Index, an indicator of citizens' perception of the security of property rights.  PRIndex is an initiative of Omidyar Network and UK DfID,  being implemented by Land Alliance in association with Gallup, Inc.  After the development phase, the index will be globalized through the Gallup World Poll and other data collections in 2018.

Center for CLT Innovation

The Center for Community Land Trust Innovation promotes strategies for community-led development on community-owned land.  The Center aims to be a platform for researching current CLT practices and for exploring novel variations and applications of the CLT model.

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