PRIndex, the Global Property Rights Index, is a collaborative initiative between Global Land Alliance and the Overseas Development Institute to develop and roll out the first global measurement of peoples’ perceptions of their property rights. PRIndex is establishing a global and national-level baseline of perceptions of land tenure security. This baseline will provide the grounding for a global conversation and movement around securing the property rights of billions who currently lack them.

Fundamental Right, Insufficient Data:  Secure property rights are fundamental to a host of food security, governance, financial inclusion, climate change, and health outcomes. Despite the importance of property rights, we don’t actually know how many people feel they lack secure, equitable access to land and housing and where these problems are concentrated. Nor do we have a global measure of tenure insecurity, despite the fact that SDG indicator 1.4.2 must track this.

PRIndex Global Scale-Up:  PRIndex will provide governments, businesses, and civil society with a global baseline, measured every 2-3 years, to evaluate domestic and global levels of land tenure security. These data provide a basis for developing policies, programs, and business models to provide secure property rights to billions of people, and to track the effectiveness of these policies and programs. PRIndex can also play a role in measuring the place of SDG land indicator 1.4.2 by providing data on perceptions of tenure security.

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