Housing, and the right to adequate housing, is a subject that affects every human on earth and their right to dignity, prosperity and peace. Prindex data continues to underscore the stark reality that one in four adults feels insecure about their tenure. The Community Land Access and Security program seeks to positively disrupt empirical causes of property and tenure insecurity.

The right to housing is an intersectional issue of economic, social, and cultural dignity for individuals and communities. Security of home and property is a fundamental right that many times is not upheld by governments and individualist-driven societies. The Community Land Access and Security Program works to foster social equity, inclusion, and restore justice to low income and marginalized communities in domestic and international spheres.

We are fighting for the right to home for our world’s most vulnerable communities. Community Land Access and Security advocates for:

  • Protection against forced Eviction

  • Anti-Land Grabbing Policies

  • Protections of Indigenous and Communal Land

  • Community Land Trust Model

  • Urban Community Land Protections

  • Black Agricultural Restorative Justice (domestic)

  • Slum-Dweller Squatters and Informal Settlement Rights and Protections

  • Anti-Displacement Protections

  • Housing as a Home, not as an Investment

  • Security of Tenure

The Community Land Access and Security Program proudly works directly with activists and organizations that champion community-led initiatives, such as: UrbaMonde, World Habitat Forum, Center For CLT Innovations, Resilient Cities, Grounded Solutions Network.


What Is a Community

Land Trust?

A CLT is a nonprofit organization/NGO run by and for the people of a particular locality to help ensure permanent and affordable housing along with other community-centered development. The Board of Directors are mainly residents of the community, and are typically elected by the entire community. Housing on ‘trust land’ can be bought, sold or rented, but the land remains ‘in trust’ and is stewarded by the CLT’s Board of Directors. In order to remain permanently affordable, limits are usually set on the resale or rental price.