Dominican Republic: Social Risk of Impoverishment and Displacement Project


Global Land Alliance, with its Dominican partner Fundacion REDDOM and expert technical assistance from Colombia Rural of Bogota and VIDENZA Consultores of Peru, recently completed a study for the Government of the Dominican Republic’s Unidad Técnica Ejecutora de Proyectos Agroforestales (UTEPDA) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to assess the potential social risk of impoverishment and physical and economic displacement as a consequence of proactive formalization of land tenure in 7 rural watersheds of the Dominican Republic. GLA first designed the methodology; including field surveys, statistical analysis, focus groups, in-depth interviews and analysis of the legal framework and formalization processes followed by implementation of the methodology in the region of Hondo Valle. The findings from Hondo Valle were analyzed and the methodology was adjusted for application in the remaining six watersheds and a series of recommendations were made to UTEPDA and the IDB to address the specific social risks related to proactive formalization of land tenure identified in the study. See final presentation in Spanish.