GLA Supports Post-Conflict Colombian Municipality turned Model Case for Land Reform

Global Land Alliance is proud to have worked with USAID Colombia, the Colombian National Land Agency and TetraTech, partnering with Colombia Rural to conceptualize and design the first systematic parcel sweep (barrido predial) in the municipality of Ovejas which is being utilized as the model case for future government and USAID efforts in securing land rights as part of the Colombia Peace Process.


The Ovejas pilot changed the way of intellectualizing and operationalizing rural land reform through mass formalization, resolving different types of land conflict and providing information on the number of plots and the types of conflicts existing in the region. At its core is the inclusion of community participation, a key for this post-conflict municipality that was then incorporated into the Colombia Peace Accords.


Global Land Alliance’s contribution to the Ovejas project are elaborated in articles from Margarita Varon and Kevin Barthel: and from Barthel and Laura Bermudez’s

Ovejas Mapping.png